Get to know the Painted Pixie


It all started when...

In my early 20's I found myself camping in the woods at a music festival in British Columbia. We parked beside a host of clowns who were there running a workshop. Like fire and air, we instantly became friends and began to creatively decorate what became our temporary home for the next week. Pulling out shawls, fabric buntings and creative mania we laughed as we transformed the once barren field into a creative fort of magic. It wasn't long before I plopped down on the grass, closed my eyes and awaited to be face painted by one of the clowns. I was tickled at the thought! I hadn't been face painted since I was a child. I squeaked with excitement as my face transformed into a fairy. 

After the festival was done and I found myself back home in Vancouver I couldn't help but remember that feeling of being painted and I wanted to share it with others. With a new found ambition, I biked over to the nearest art store, scrounged together my tips from my meager student waitress salary and bought myself a supply of face paints and glitter. Needless to say, I was hooked! For years afterwards I would take out my paints any chance I could to add colour and flare to wherever I was. 

It wasn't for years later until it dawned on me that I could face paint for a living. I ran a cooperative day care for over five years. Spending my days with children taught me about the gift of innocence and belief in magic in every moment. Children do not question their creativity, they merely put it forward into creation. It is beautiful and a work of art.

I decided to go back to school to study Child and Youth Care. Passionate about the livelihood and wellbeing of all children and youth, I was ready to step into the helping profession in a more active way. The thought of this transition was daunting as I knew I would be faced with a variety of challenges and tribulations. 

One day while I was face painting one of the children at day care, it dawned on me that I should start a face painting company. I'd never formally trained in art although with Youtube as my new instructor I dedicated myself to learning this incredible creative form. After a short period of time, I discovered the wealth of online resources. From Facebook groups, to online forums to a web channel called FABAtv my world opened up and I found myself flying to St Louis Missouri to attend a Face Painting convention. I met artists from all over the world who inspired me believe in myself and to see this as a real possibility for myself. Thus the Painted Pixie was born. 

I am now in my final year of my program at school. I have fallen in love with Face Painting and Child and Youth care simultaneously.My company has allowed me to go to school full time and be sustainable. Child and Youth Care can be an emotionally demanding profession and face painting has provided me with an incredibly creative outlet to express myself and be part of a wonderful memory in a family's life.