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Birthday Parties 

Looking for a special way to celebrate your child's monumental journey around the sun. Look no further and invite the Painted Pixie to be a part of the festivities. Face Painting Birthday Parties are a hit with all ages! Watch your child and their friends transform into lions, tigers, superheroes and fairies. See the look in their eyes as they jump with glee at the sight of their face in the mirror. Childhood is such a short period of time, invite the Painted Pixie to be part of special memories to carry into the future.



Pricing for Birthday Parties depends on the number of children present, how long you would like the Pixie to be there and how far will we have to travel. We offer birthday party face painting services in the Ottawa and Gatineau area. Fill out our booking form and The Painted Pixie will get back to you as soon as possible