The Painted Pixie is two years old!

I seemed to have stumbled upon face painting by accident. I ran a cooperative day care for many years before deciding to return back to school. I have always been passionate about the well being of children although found myself longing to work with an older age demographic. I took the plunge and enrolled myself in a Child and Youth Care program and fell in love with the field. 

Returning to school as a mature student is intimidating. The security that the work force offers you is comfortable. I loved my work too! I felt fulfilled spending my days with young budding minds. I watched many kids grow up in front of my eyes, many of them called me "mama". We would spend our days finding urban forests, collecting rocks and laughing about silly jokes that only makes sense to a pre schooler. 

I had a longing inside me though and I knew I needed to listen to it. I looked around at the children who were in my care and smiled. They all had loving families who cared about them enough to send them to a good day care. They were well fed, had beautiful homes and love within that home. I found myself looking at them and thinking that I needed to offer my gift and my passion for children and youth to those who didn't have those same opportunities. 

this is a photo of my group of day care kids who inspired me to launch the painted pixie. They were very patient with me as i fumbled through my leaflets of photographs attempting to recreate what i saw in the image. 

Emotionally the jump seemed scary, financially the jump seemed scarier!

One day while sitting in the backyard on a warm summer day, I was face painting the children, and an idea popped into my head I have this incredible resource of families that I have been building over the last few years, I could offer face painting birthday parties to those families. 

I had always had some paints kicking around, but it was in that moment that I decided to actually learn how to face paint. I became a willing youtube student who dedicated her evenings to practice. In the daytime, I had this incredible resource of wiggly children at my disposal to learn on. That Fall I started my program at school and by early winter I was off to my very first Face Painting Convention. 

This Fall I will be entering into my third and final year of my Child and Youth Care Diploma. I will be graduating in the Fall. I have literally manifested a way to face paint my way through school. Not only that but discover that I absolutely love the canvas of the face! 

I feel as though I discovered both these new passions simultaneously, my love of face painting has grown a long side my love of the child and youth care field. I never expected my art career to take off in the way that it did but with hard work, dedication, diligence and consistent practice ANYTHING is possible!