Body Painting

Body Painting is a creative form of self expression that dates back to ancient times. The human canvas is a beautiful art form to work with and has the ability to send a message in a very unique way. 

Looking for a creative way to make your special event memorable?

Hire the Painted Pixie to Body Paint at your next event as a live art piece for guests to Oooo and Ahhh over the duration of the evening. Body Painting is great for art parties, theatre performances,a vernissage, and other special events  

Want to win that Costume Contest?  

Contact me with your ideas to transform your vision into a reality. 

Looking for a unique photo shoot that you can show your grandchildren in twenty years?

Hire the Painted Pixie for a one on one body painting and photo shoot session. High Resolution Photos will be emailed to you. 

Send me an email at to discuss your ideas and we can begin the collaboration process

Cherry Blossoms Final .jpg