Community and Corporate Events

Special Events

Looking for a new and exciting way to give back to your community. Hire the Painted Pixie for her magical face painting abilities. You will  be wowed by her skills and impressed by her level of professionalism. With a clean face painting kit and a beaming smile, the Painted Pixie is sure to add magic to your grand opening, Customer appreciation day, car show, community event or anniversary

The Painted Pixie's happy clients include: Farm Boy, The Museum of Nature and CAPS Auto Parts


Zoë came to our end of the year school BBQ at Devonshire Public School to paint faces for the students. The line-up was huge - eager kids with big ideas. Zoë listened to each child and created magical masterpieces. The kids (& parents) were thrilled! I would highly recommend Zoë and definitely plan to invite her back to the school!
— Meg King, Parent Commitee

Body Painting


Take your event to the next level with Professional Body Painting. Body Painting is sure to grab attention at your next vernissage, fashion show, club night, restaurant or festival. Your guests will have the opportunity to witness the transformation in front of their eyes as a live art project takes place on the human canvas.